10 Dec

Sometimes you are too busy rescuing cats….

….to blog about rescuing cats.

That’s me. I started this blog/website to let people in on my crazy, cat rescuing life (that is, when I’m not on your TV selling you stuff) and lately, I’ve been so darn busy rescuing that I haven’t had time to let anyone in on anything–except for the little kittens that I let onto my terrace, and then onto my landing in a comfy crate, and who are now resting happily at my vet. Adopt them here:http://www.adoptapet.com/pet/17194750-brooklyn-new-york-kitten  and here:   http://www.adoptapet.com/pet/17194724-brooklyn-new-york-kitten 


….and Mama Floof,  Uncle Floof, and the two wee Baby Floofs (who turned out to be, in this order: Maine Coon kittens, Polydactyl, and friendly, so I socialized them a bit and both are in or on their way to their forever homes..)…




….and Sardine, now Kani, and his little sister Miso, who are also in their forever home. Sardine/Kani was left behind when Miso and mama Evie were rescued–he was too wily and fast to catch–so I headed over with my trusty kitten trap and he was mine in about 15 minutes (take that, seemingly impenetrable construction site in Bushwick!)….


….and Tuna! Who we found upstate, and looked high and low to find her people and turned up nothing! Tuna, the most affectionate cat on the planet was eartipped, not micro-chipped, no collar and purrs and tummy rubs for days. Tuna is now in HER forever home and let’s hope Lulu the resident cat accepts her…we’re doing the slow intro 🙂

….and Linus! Who showed up at my colony and was WAY too friendly be out on the street. Not chipped, not neutered, ridiculously friendly. Linus also found his forever home 🙂



So remember, if I’m not posting about rescuing, it’s probably because I’m too busy rescuing.