13 Jan

Maru the Cat!

Maru the cat is my latest foster. He is a wanderer and a lover of laps. Maru found his way to me through a group effort–no surprise. Cat rescue is often a group affair, and I love the way helping animals makes a big city like Brooklyn feel like a small town.

Maru was trapped in a local bodega that had been shut down by the Health Department. We think he wandered in for kibble and company and was unknowingly shut inside when the workers were ordered out. Sweet Maru made himself at home but it was clear to passers-by that he was lonely and in need of rescue. While a small group of local rescuers brainstormed on how to free him in a safe and, uh, legal way a more intrepid neighbor decided to take matters into her own hands. We’ll leave out the details, but let’s just say Maru was freed and brought to a temporary fosters home and then to the vet where he checked out healthy if pretty dehydrated.

Back when Maru was still trapped behind glass in the deli (see video here) Catress signed on to foster. Everytime I see the video I am filled with gratitude that this beautiful and friendly cat is safe and sound, warm and well-fed. I mostly use my office to make jewelry and teach myself how to sew, but it can  be converted pretty easily into a pleasure den for foster cats. I use towels, old blankets and any extra fabric I can get my hands on to cover the sharp bits and create as many nooks and crannies and beds and perches as I can. So far, Maru has slept in each and every one, and even created one of his own–a giant box of Uline padded envelopes allllll the way on the top shelf. I couldn’t find him anywhere and was beginning to panic when I heard a rustling sound far above my head. I peered up only to see his little head peeking out of the giant box. Needless to say, I secured that sucker with a bungee cord so he wouldn’t end up surfing the damn thing down to the floor.

A quick and easy cozy cat bed can be made pretty easily and cheaply using a large foil baking pan (I like the oval ones) and a sweatshirt. Slide the pan into the sweatshirt and voila! Insta-cat Happiness.

Stay tuned for more updates on Maru!!


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