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  1. Sweet, shy Alex grew up in a local grocery store, where she was much loved by workers and customers alike. However, in the confusion of an ownership change and major renovation (the store closed in October), Alex and her sister Sasha were only haphazardly cared for. In spite of efforts by the cats’ friends and fans, it took several months of persistence to get access to the store to rescue them, but by then Sasha had fallen ill and died, and poor Alex was scared and undernourished. Finally in a safe place, Alex is making a remarkable recovery, purring easily, and volunteering herself onto a lap once she feels comfortable with a new friend. She enjoys playing, though currently she prefers being petted and brushed. Alex is up to date on vaccinations,Fiv/Felv negative, spayed, and about 3 years old. To meet Alex, contact June @, or 718 434-0577

  2. Located in NYC. Transportation within or near Tri-State area possible:

    This is blue. Blue is approx 8 years old. He must be 13 lbs and he is a big hunter.

    Blue loves to hunt water bugs but also has mousing skills. He guards our apartment by sleeping in the entrance way by our front door.

    Blue is so loving and a dominant, alpha cat.

    Blue needs to be the only cat or possibly could make it work with a very submissive female but I think he would be best as the only cat of the house.

    pls contact Jordana Toback at for more info

  3. Located in NYC. Transportation within or near Tri-State area possible:

    This is Lilu– named for the Milla Jovavitch character in the movie ‘The 5th element”. Lilu is 7 years old and so magical. Our resident super hero, Lilu is also a bit wiley and foxy.

    I found her outside a restaurant along the F train, starving and pregnant. i took her to the vet and was all set to find her a proper home but could not part with her.

    To know Lilu her is to love her. She is warm & affectionate, also very independent and demonstrative in her own quiet way.
    has the most lovely meow. So sweet.

    pls contact Jordana Toback at for more info

  4. Home needed for beautiful Taeshe:

    This is Taeshe.

    She is approx 11 years old and totally young at heart. She came to us via a friend who saved her from deli life as a young kitten. We adopted her at under 1 yr old. She was still pretty traumatized when we got her but she has totally transformed with our love.

    A playful girl, she still loves the toys that were given to us when she was dropped off by her first owner.

    She has come a long way to be the most affectionate cat I have ever had. Loves to cuddle loves to play. Loves to hunt and is beyond loyal.

    She would be a great cat for a man who has no other pets as she seems to be partial to men, but this cat knows a warm belly when she sees one and will be just as loving if you are female.

    This girl comes when you call so don’t change her name bc she loves it. Truly an outstanding soul.

    pls contact Jordana Toback at for more info

    Maru is VERY happy in his new home with his person, Chris, who still calls him Maru but mostly knows him as “Buddy” 🙂

    Do YOU Maru?

    Maru the cat was found trapped in a local deserted bodega. We think Maru the ever-curious boy found his way inside on a search for kibble and company and was trapped inside when the bodega was suddenly shut down by the health department.

    Concerned passers-by noticed a sweet, friendly kitty stuck inside and became worried for his welfare. Maru would roll around on the floor and press up against the window in a vain quest for affection, which pretty much broke everyone’s hearts (video attached). While a rescue effort was taking shape one intrepid animal lover took matters into her own hands and managed to free Maru from the less and less appealing confines of the now cold and inhospitable store.

    Maru was brought to the vet and found to be healthy if HUNGRY and dehydrated. Maru is around 4 years old, neutered, FIV and FeLV negative and up to date on all his shots.

    Maru’s foster mama reports that he is extremely cuddly and curious. He’s investigated every bed set up in his office digs and even made a few of his own on the top shelf and in the bottom cabinet. Maru loves to jump up on a warm lap and purr the moments away. He enjoys neck-scritches, top-of-the-head petting and CATNIP. Maru is a happy, healthy boycat looking to enhance your home with his sweet disposition and striking emerald eyes.

    Pls contact to set up a first date with Maru.

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